Getting a gig at The Retreat.

The Retreat has a long and proud history of putting on great original music.

We book bands and solo acts across all genres, and the venue is (almost) always free entry.

When pitching your act or lineup to us, it's most helpful if you first read the info below. We love it when you provide us with social media links, website links, streaming music links and  live footage from previous shows (if you don't have any, playing a showcase at one of our Tryout Tuesday nights gives you a great chance to collect some!)

When pitching your act, it's always best if you let us know which time slot you're after. Here's a general rundown of what happens when at the pub:

Monday Evenings (front bar): Charles Jenkins has a permanent residency when he's not on the road. When he is away, we ask our very favourite singer songwriters to fill in. This is a bit of a 'don't call us, we'll call you' situation.

Tuesday Evenings (front bar): 20 minute New bands that haven't played the venue before. Email if you'd like to play. All genres considered.

Wednesday Evenings (main room/beer garden): We have a pub quiz on Wednesdays. Very occasionally, we'll ask a touring act to play a show in the front bar. 

Thursday Evenings (main room): EP/Album launches, 2 or 3 band lineups, all genres considered. Email and pitch your lineup to us!

Friday Evenings (main room): EP/Album launches, 2 or 3 band lineups. All genres considered but we prefer it loud and and up-beat on Fridays. Email and pitch your lineup to us!

Saturday Afternoons (front bar): Roots, blues, country, folk and rockabilly. Usually 2 x 45 minute sets. Email to pitch for one of these highly competitive spots.

Saturday Evenings (front bar): Whilst we sometimes host launches in the main room, Saturday nights work best in the front bar. All genres considered, but let's keep it lively. One or two bands is best - email and pitch your show!

Sunday Afternoons (main room): Roots, blues, country, folk and rockabilly. Launches preferred! Email and pitch your show! Headline and support often works well.

Sunday Evenings (front bar): Sunday Funday! 3 punk bands each night. Email if you'd like to play. 

Promoting your show.

As soon as you've locked in a date, you need to set about doing the following:

1. Email with a 200 word blurb about the show/bands AND a square-shaped image (jpeg) so we can get your gig on to our website.

2. Make a Facebook event for the show and invite us (The Retreat's Facebook page) to be a co-host. Oh and don't forget to invite all your friends!

3. Send us 5 x A3 posters and we will put them up around the pub. Our postal address is 280 Sydney Road, Brunswick, Victoria, 3056 but it's EVEN BETTER if you or a friend can drop the posters in during business hours.

4. Send a media release to all the local street-press, music bogs, Facebook groups etc that deal with your style of music. If you're stuck for contacts, we can send some your way.

IMPORTANT! We require that acts playing The Retreat DO NOT PLAY at any other Melbourne venues in the fortnight surrounding their Retreat show. We keep our eye on the local gig guides and we reserve the right to cancel the show if we spot you playing elsewhere (without our express permission). This rule is in place to help make your show here a success and ensure that you can keep coming back to play.

Tech Stuff.

20 minute New bands that haven't played the venue before. Email if you'd like to play.