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Digger & The Pussycats



It's August. Winter is nearing its end. Your footy team are probably out of contention for this year, so you're hoping they lose so you can get better draft picks. And if you've got kids, you just want to take them to the park for a run around, but instead, they're telling you they're hungry, watching Bluey on repeat or pushing book cases onto each other.

Well Digger & The Pussycats are pleased to invite you down to The Retreat Hotel for a day out where you can drink almost too much and watch us play. Or sit outside and talk to your mates.

You'll get two sets of our worst songs. It's free entry. There's a bar and a kitchen.

Come beats sitting on the couch swiping through Instagram hoping for something exciting to pop up. See you there.

Note: photo by Franck Alix